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  • wear ring China Made
  • wear ring China Made
  • wear ring China Made
  • wear ring China Made
  • wear ring China Made

wear ring China Made

10.0 USD
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100 Bag/Bags
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L/C, T/T, WU
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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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Ocean, Air, Land
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Guide Wear Ring seal for size

US $0.15-$2.00 / Piece

Hot sale pneumatic waterproof wear strip piston seals

US $0.80-$30.00 / Piece

100 Pieces (Min. Order)


 Guangzhou JST Seals Technology Co., Ltd.





40 Pieces (Min. Order)


 Dongguan DL Seals Co., Ltd.





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··· We are looking for an individual who has programed either with Cam or directly at the machine. Prior knowledge/experience with Bridgeport's and manual lathes would be helpful as would operating Fanuc or HAAS controls. Please DO NOT reply if you have no prior experience.

The function of a wear ring, wear band or guide ring is to absorb the side load forces of the rod and/or the piston and to prevent metal-to-metal contact that would otherwise damage and score the sliding surfaces and eventually cause seal damage, leakage and component failure. Wear rings should last longer than the seals as they are the only thing stopping expensive damage to the cylinder.

Our non-metallic wear rings for rod and piston applications offer great benefits over traditional metal guides:

  • High load bearing capabilities

  • Cost effective

  • Easy installation and replacement

  • Wear-resistant and long service life

  • Low friction

  • Wiping/cleaning effect

  • Embedding of foreign particles possiblewear ring China Madewear ring China Madewear ring China Madewear ring China Madewear ring China Madewear ring China Made

  • Damping of mechanical vibrations

  • Wear Ring Design Considerations:

    • Tolerances…

    • Materials…

    • End Cut…

    • Wear Ring Location…

    • Wear Ring Height…

    Wear Rings

    Typical Application

    Linear, reciprocating dynamic applications

    Operating Range

    Surface Speed: up to 13ft/s (4m/s) depending on material

    Temperature: -40°F to 400°F (-40°C to 210°C) depending on material

    Materials: Duraloy™ 7111, Nylon, POM, filled PTFE (bronze, carbon-graphite, glass fiber), Permachem™ and Duraloy™ compounds.

    Availability: More Info…


The function of an hydraulic Wear Ring (or Guide ring) is to guide the piston and piston rod of an hydraulic cylinder, absorbing transverse forces.
At the same time, the Wear Ring prevents metal-to-metal contact, optimizing the performance of the sealing system.
Seal House supplies hydraulic Wear Rings in different materials
and specifications to suit a variety of industry applications. Seal House can also custom-manufacture Wear Rings to suit.
Wear Rings come pre-formed, or in strip form.

Wear Ring Materials

Seal House can supply the following Wear Ring materials:

  • Bronze / PTFE - This material is used in low to medium duty applications where there are limited radial forces. This material is available in strips (of filled PTFE) or pre-formed to size. The strip material can be cut to any length to fit any rod or bore size without losing its concentricity.

    Styles include: MWRT, MWRSP


  • Glass / Nylon - This material is used in medium to heavy duty applications and the Wear Rings are made of glass reinforced nylon.
    With physical properties equivalent to bronze, Wear Rings made of glass-reinforced Nylon are highly recommended because of their wear rate and non-scoring properties and their ability to ingest metal chips.
    The temperature range is -40 degrees to 110 degrees and glass-reinforced Wear Rings have high compressive and tensile strength.
    Styles include: WR, MWR, LWR, MWRS, TWR

  • Fabric-reinforced Polyester Resin - This strip material is for heavy-duty applications where there are high radial forces.
    The use of woven fabric-reinforced polyester resin produces a dimensionally accurate rectangular strip which can be cut to any length.
    Low coefficient of friction and high compressive strength makes it an ideal bearing material and it is used in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees to 130 degrees.
    Styles include: MWRS, WRS, MWR

  • Seal House can assist with choosing the best material for a particular application. Contact us to discuss your special requirements or give us a call on 0800 732 573

Custom Wear Rings

Seal House provides a wide selection of cost effective solutions for your Custom Wear Ring requirements.
Using state of the art CNC technology, superior quality seal materials and our extensive knowledge base, we can optimise your seal life and performance by customising your Wear Ring to suit almost any application.
We stock a broad range of materials and profiles, enabling us to supply customised Wear Ring in a standard 1-4 day turnaround.

Our experienced machine operators ensure that your products are manufactured to an exacting technical standard at all times.

We stock a range of high-quality materials for use in conjunction with our CNC lathes - including bronze/ PTFE, nylons, and glass-reinforced fibres providing you with the best sealing solution for your application.



Contact us to discuss your special requirements or give us a call on 0800 732 573



Why use Seal House?

  • p priority at every level of our company

  • We provide a comprehensive range of standard Wear Rings in materials, profiles and sizes to suit a wide variety of applications

  • We engineer customised Wear Rings that meet industry requirements for maximum sealing performance and durability in a wide variety of applications

  • We offer a range of sealing accessories which provide you with a One-stop Shop for all your sealing needs


Most Standard Wear Rings are available ex-stock. Non standard (custom Wear Rings) are generally available on a 1-4 day turnaround. 

Seal Materials

Selecting the most appropriate material for your Wear Rings has a critical impact on achieving the best sealing performance. We have a comprehensive range of the latest materials for all applications - contact us for help with your particular requirements.

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